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The ground rushed up to Pyotr as he tucked and rolled on landing. He scrambled around on the ground gathering up his parachute and lines, before heading over to a stand of trees where a number of his fellow paratroopers waited. They watched as the heavy transport aircraft began dropping large loads supported by multiple parachutes from the back of them. These were their BMD transports.

Not for the first time Pyotr was glad he was not a BMD crewmen, those guys dropped with their vehicles. He would, however, be glad of their fire support when they arrived. The sergeant arrived and began barking instructions. Their first task was to secure this airfield.

The invasion of America had begun.

With the war in Europe hitting a standstill, the Soviet Union has taken a bold decision to invade North America. Utilising their elite airborne forces, the VDV, they strike into the heart of America in a two pronged attack. First through the Canadian province of British Columbia and into Alberta and then from the Gulf of Mexico into Texas. Using elite BMD-1 and BMD-2 equipped Air Assault Battalions they make surgical strikes on key infrastructure and secure their route inland. Soviet tank forces have be reinforced with improved tanks like the T-72B and T-64BV, both utilising ERA armour to improve their protection. With them comes their staunch ally, Cuba. Though they have older equipment, the Cubans are well-trained and determined. Facing them are the US and Canadian home forces, as well as the various militia groups that have sprung up to fight against the invasion!

• Background on the Soviet Invasion of North America, Soviet Airborne Forces, the VDV, Cubans, US Continental and Militia Forces.

• Instructions on how to build a Soviet BMD Air Assault Battalion, T-72B Tank Battalion, T-64BV Tank Battalion, Cuban T-62, T-55, BMP, & BTR-60 Formations, and a US Militia Group.

• Air Assault rules US, British, West German, Soviet, Warsaw Pact and Cuban forces for the Air Assault Mission, and how to field the Mi-8 HIP, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-47 Chinook, and CH-53

Sea Stallion transport helicopters.

• Four Scenarios pitting US irregular Militia Groups against the Soviets.

WWIII: World War III: Red Dawn (80p A4 HB)

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