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The Airborne Assault Mission Pack allows you to recreate air operations on your gaming tables with rules for American, British, West German, Soviet, and Warsaw Pact airborne forces.

This set contains:
4x Cardboard Punch-out Sheets

  • 10x Helicopter Transport Markers (3x CH-47 Chinook, 3x CH-46 Sea Knight, 2x CH-53 Sea Stallion, and 2x Mi-8 Hip)
  • 6x Drop Zone Markers

4x Helicopter Transport Unit Cards for the CH-47 Chinook, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-53 Sea Stallion, and Mi-8 Hip.

1x Mission and Rules Booklet

  • Air Assault Mission
  • Parachute Deployment Rules
  • Airborne Operations Rules
  • Helicopter Transport Rules

WWIII: Red Dawn: Airborne Assault Mission Pack

$21.50 Regular Price
$19.35Sale Price
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